Gulf International Services Q.P.S.C. is a Qatari Shareholding Company incorporated in the State of Qatar under commercial registration number 38200 on February 12, 2008. The principal activity of the Company is to operate as a holding company. The Company was incorporated by QatarEnergy as the sole shareholder.

Until February 24, 2008, the equity interests in the portfolio companies Gulf Helicopters Q.S.C. (“GHC”), Gulf Drilling International Q.S.C. (“GDI”) and Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance Company S.A.Q. (“Al Koot”) were held directly by QatarEnergy and Japan Drilling Company (“JDC”) (In case of GDI – 30.01% was owned by JDC) and the equity interests of QatarEnergy were transferred to the Company on February 24, 2008. 

The management concluded that the effective date of transfer of interest from QatarEnergy to the Company was February 12, 2008, being the date on which control as well as joint control, over these portfolio companies, was transferred by QatarEnergy to the Company.

On May 26, 2008, QatarEnergy listed 70% of the Company’s issued share capital on Qatar Exchange. An extraordinary general assembly held on November 4, 2012 approved the amendments to the Articles of Association in which it increased the ownership limit of General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority (GRSIA). Subsequently, as per the instructions of the Supreme Council of Economic Affairs, QatarEnergy divested 20% of its stake in GIS to the GRSIA.

On May 31, 2012, the Group acquired 100% shares of Amwaj Catering Services Limited Q.S.C., a company incorporated in the State of Qatar. The Group has obtained control over the Subsidiary in accordance with the sale and purchase agreement effective from June 1, 2012.

On April 30, 2014, the Group acquired additional 30% of the shares of Gulf Drilling International Limited Q.S.C, a company incorporated in the State of Qatar that resulted to 100% ownership. The Group has obtained control over the company, therefore, the company became a subsidiary of Gulf International Services Q.S.C., in accordance with the sale and purchase agreement, effective from May 1, 2014.