Gulf International Services would like to inform  its shareholders that QNB is the dividend distributor of the company’s annual dividends.

QNB will deposit the dividends into accounts of shareholders who have provided their bank account details to Qatar Central Securities Depository (Q.C.S.D.).
Shareholders who have not registered their bank accounts, are kindly requested to fill out the “QNB Application for Dividends Credit to the Account” available on both QNB’s website and send it to the email specified in the application in order to complete the dividends bank transfer. The shareholders may also visit any branch of QNB and complete this form accordingly. Upon successful submission of this form, all the outstanding uncollected dividends will be directly transferred to the designated account.

For further details, Shareholders may contact the QNB Shareholders Service Centre at (+974) 44252444.

Documentation requirements to be provided along with QNB Application for Dividends Credit to the Account:

Person Collecting

Required Documents

Shareholder for his own dividend ONLY

  • Original valid ID of shareholder

Shareholder for his own and his minor’s dividends

  • Original valid ID of shareholder
  • Original valid ID or Birth Certificate of the minors or valid Special Power of Attorney
  • Original valid ID of representative

Representative of a shareholder to collect for shareholder ONLY

  • Original copy of Authority Letter
  • Original valid ID of shareholder

In case of a mother representing minors

  • Original valid Special Power of Attorney authorizing the mother
  • Original valid ID of representative

Representative of a shareholder to collect including minors of shareholder

  • Original valid ID of representative
  • Original copy of Authority Letter with names of Minors, NIN, and ID number stated in the letter
  • Original valid ID or Birth Certificate of the minors or valid Special Power of Attorney

In case if shareholder is deceased

  • Original Court Inheritance Certificate
  • Original valid ID of representative

Corporate shareholders

  • Original copy of Authority Letter
  • Photocopy of CR
  • Original Valid ID of authorized signatory
  • Original valid ID of representative



The purpose of Dividend Calculator is to provide user with an overview of past performance of the Company’s shares. The calculator is intended to help user perform a what-if analysis on return on investment and total return based on actual historical data. Our data is adjusted for all corporate actions (for e.g. stock splits, bonus shares, rights issues, wherever applicable, and excluding brokerage/ transaction fees). If you want to calculate the exact value of your investment, we recommend you use your broker or trading service.

This calculator has been developed for information purposes only and the Company, its Directors, officers, advisors, contractors and agents shall not be liable in any way for any costs, losses or other detrimental effects resulting or arising from the use of or reliance by any party on any information contained herein.  The Company is further in no way obliged to update or publish revisions to any information contained herein which may or may not be known to have changed or to be inaccurate as a result of new information, future events or any reason whatsoever.  The Company does not guarantee the accuracy of the historical statements contained herein.

  1. Dividends, dividends reinvested and share prices are adjusted, retrospectively, with the impacts of all applicable historical corporate actions accordingly.
  2. Dividends are reinvested on dividend ex-date and additional shares bought by using official close price, appropriately adjusted with the impacts of applicable corporate actions, as discussed in point no. 1.
  3. Calculation takes into account the fractional amount of shares, if any.
  4. Brokerage fees and / or transaction costs, wherever applicable, are not considered in the calculations.
  5. When adjusting the historical dividends and share prices with the impacts of corporate actions, amounts only until three decimal places have been considered.


Key Formulas:

  • Return on investment = (End Value-Initial Value) / Initial Value * 100
  • Total return = (End Value * Dividend Factor - Initial Value) / Initial Value * 100

* where Dividend Factor = 1 + (Dividend / Stock Price on ex-dividend date)

  • Dividend yield = (TTM Dividend/Stock Price) * 100