QNB partners with Al Koot to Enhance Staff Health Insurance Policy

QNB announced the appointment of Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance Company to provide the Bank’s staff with comprehensive new medical insurance policy. 

This contract replaces the existing staff medical insurance scheme with a new program that will cover all QNB Group staff and their families both in Qatar and internationally. This is especially important to meet the demands of the Bank’s growing multinational presence. 

QNB has selected Al Koot to provide the Bank with a new staff medical insurance scheme in recognition of the company’s ability to provide local support as well as extend a high level of medical services to its staff in various parts of the world.  

QNB has selected the Premium program offered by the company which provides the best coverage for employees and their families worldwide. This includes full Medical, Dental, Optical and Maternity coverage.

Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Khulaifi, Executive General Manager-Chief Operating Officer of QNB said during the signing ceremony: “QNB is committed to ensuring the well being of our staff and their families and this is a major initiative in line with the Bank’s comprehensive human capital management policy. With QNB’s growing international presence, in addition to the best career growth opportunities, this staff medical insurance policy provides our employees assured access to the best medical facilities available where ever they are.”  

Ahmad Rafee Al-Emadi, CEO of Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance, says: The addition of QNB to our clientele reinforces Al Koot’s position as a leading provider of comprehensive medical insurance in Qatar and we are delighted to be partnering with QNB and supporting its role as the leading bank in Qatar and one that is growing rapidly abroad.   

Mr. Al-Emadi said the benefits of this health insurance plan include coverage in all parts of the world and access to hospitals and health centers both within and outside Qatar. A large team will be working around the clock to ensure the efficiency of these services, he said.

Al Koot has partnered with the leading international names in healthcare to develop programs that provide enhanced healthcare standards and services to its customers.  QNB is a major addition to the company’s partner portfolio. 

Mr. Al-Emadi said that the company has close to 80,000 enrolled beneficiaries in its financial and medical insurance programs. Al Koot is constantly developing its portfolio to improve the quality of services and programs offered to customers. 

The support provided by Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy and Industry, H.E. Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah has been a strong driver of growth for the company in the energy sector and in other areas of Qatar’s economy, where Al Koot provided insurance and risk management support. 

Al Koot Insurance and Reinsurance is a subsidiary of Gulf International Services, which is listed on the Qatar Exchange. The company specializes in insurance and reinsurance for the energy and projects industry, but has in recent years also integrated health insurance into its service portfolio to great success. 

The health insurance programs offered by Al Koot cover nearly 98% of Qatar’s hospitals and medical centers and include more than 25,000 medical facilities around the world.