Gulf Drilling International

GDI was incorporated in 2004 as a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum (60%) and Japan Drilling Company (40%). Subsequent to exercising a share option provision within the joint venture agreement, QP increased its stake to 69.99% and then transferred this shareholding to GIS. With effect from May 1, 2014, GIS exercised an option in the joint venture agreement and acquired the remaining 30% of GDI, resulting in GDI becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of GIS. The company’s authorized and issued share capital is QR 739.7 million.

The registered head office is located at Palm Tower B, West Bay, 9th Floor, P.O. Box 9072, Doha, State of Qatar. Total headcount as of December 31, 2016 is 1,588, split between head office (155), onshore (597) and offshore (836) staff.


GDI currently has direct ownership of 18 drilling rigs (10 offshore rigs and 8 onshore rigs), which are used to drill wells suitable for oil and natural gas extraction, 1 jack-up accommodation barge and 2 liftboats.

As the only Qatari owned drilling contractor, GDI maintains a close relationship with Qatar Petroleum, due in part to QP’s indirect ownership, and has 12 of its drilling rigs currently contracted to QP.

Offshore Rigs

GDI owns 10 offshore jack-up rigs, 4 of which are conventional rigs and 6 are hi-spec, premium rigs.

The conventional rigs Al DohaAl Wajba and Msheireb, are in Class and under contract for work in 2017, having each undergone extensive upgrades, refurbishments and life extension work over the last 5 years. The 4th conventional rig, Al Rayyan, can no longer provide sufficient economic returns and is being retired.

The hi-spec, premium rigs, Al Khor, Al Zubarah, Al Jassra, Les-Hat, Dukhan and Halul, are all relatively new, having been built within the last 9 years. Each of those rigs has been specifically designed for operations in Qatar.

The 3 conventional rigs still active are rated for a maximum drilling depth of 6,000 meters while the hi-spec, premium rigs are rated for a maximum drilling depth of 9,000 meters.

Onshore Rigs

GDI owns 8 onshore rigs, 5 of which are drilling rigs and 3 are work-over rigs. All onshore rigs are currently contracted exclusively to Qatar Petroleum and are rated for maximum drilling depths ranging between 3,000 meters and 9,000 meters.

Accommodation Jack-up Barges and Lift Boats

GDI owns 1 jack-up accommodation barge, Zikreet, and 2 liftboats Rumailah and Al Safliya.