Gulf Helicopters Company

Originally incorporated in 1970 under the name of Gulf Helicopters Limited as a subsidiary of British Overseas Airways Corporation, the company was subsequently acquired by Gulf Air, and then sold to QatarEnergy in 1998. QatarEnergy transferred its 100% shareholding to GIS in 2008.

The registered head office is located at Ras Abu Aboud Street, P.O. Box 811, Doha, State of Qatar. Total headcount is 413, split between operations, engineering and administration.


GHC holds an Air Operators Certificate issued by the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. GHC is recognised by the United States Federal Aviation Authority as an approved repair station and as a maintenance organisation by both the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority. GHC, through its Libyan subsidiary Al Maha, is registered with the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority. Within Qatar, GHC operates as the sole provider of helicopter transportation services. GHC is also an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organisation.


GHC’s core operational activities consist of a variety of helicopter transportation services, including offshore / onshore transporting, long- and short-line load lifting, seismic support, VIP executive transport, and ad-hoc short-term contracts. Remaining revenue consists of residential rental income, simulator training, sale of spare parts and third party aircraft and component maintenance.


GHC currently operates a fleet of 59 helicopters.